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Halbrook Scholarship Application

The Halbrook Family Foundation affirms its desire to advance the mission of Taylor University to develop servant-leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ’s redemptive love, grace, and truth to a world in need. That mission, it believes, can only be truly advanced over time by a free people competing in free markets, unfettered by government in the practice of their faith and in pursuit of their God-given potential. For that reason, it has chosen to establish the Halbrook Freedom Scholarship to inspire and encourage Taylor students of deep Christian beliefs to grasp the essentiality of, and strive to uphold, the enduring principles of the United States of America. In so doing, these recipients will bequeath to the future a way of life that has made this country the most prosperous and generous in human history. There is a special, though not exclusive, interest in helping students interested in entrepreneurship, education, media, and government.


  • Accepted full-time student at Taylor University
  • Filed FAFSA by February 1 and demonstrates financial need

Application Process

  1. Apply and be accepted to Taylor University.
  2. Complete and submit scholarship application by February 1.
  3. Complete and submit FAFSA by February 1.

Range of Awards:

Up to $5,000 per year (renewable)